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Jeff’s Texas-Style Rub (Case of 24 bottles)
Jeff’s Texas-Style Rub (Case of 24 bottles)
Jeff’s Texas-Style Rub (Case of 24 bottles)

Jeff’s Texas-Style Rub (Case of 24 bottles)

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To order by the case, send us an email with the number of cases you need and we'll bill you directly. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our Texas-style rub is a no-sugar savory rub that is great on everything, especially seafood and beef. All natural, paleo friendly, Gluten-free and contains NO MSG, artificial colors or additives of any kind. Each easy pour bottle is a generous 5.25 ounces.

I particularly like this rub on beef such as brisket, chuck roast, steaks, burgers, short ribs, etc and on seafood such as shrimp, scallops and lobster.

We now have this available in bulk (case of 24 bottles) for resale in stores, restaurants, for use at large events or just because you love it and don't want to run out.

From an economical standpoint, buying a case of Jeff's Texas style rub instead of a single bottle is your best deal since this drastically discounts the price per bottle due to less packaging material and reduced handling and we are happy to pass those saving on to you ;-)


Note: We are working on our review system as this store is brand new but here's some from a few weeks ago:

"I tried this on a beef brisket and it tasted great. Everyone said it was the best brisket they ever had" -Michael W. Johnston

"This is an awesome product! It’s good on any type of meat and even vegetables." -PJ

"Great Rub! Used it to brine salmon to smoke, turned out great and a lot easier using the wet brine method" -Kevin S.

"Great combination of flavors for beef but it says good for seafood but I think it's too much spice for it." -Daniel

A Little Background

Just a few years ago, after a great number of requests for a savory rub that did not contain sugar, I went to work creating the Texas style rub and while I knew the general list of ingredients I wanted to use, I had to find the perfect balance of each one so that it complemented the meat without making it too salty, too spicy or too anything.

Over the course of a few weeks, I went though a number of versions before deciding I had found the perfect balance of ingredients.

I have offered the formula on the website for a few years and now, you can purchase it already made, in an easy pour bottle for use while cooking or as a table seasoning.

Order plenty of this stuff.. you're gonna love it!

How to Use It

The Texas style rub, while still lower in salt than most store-bought rubs, has a little more salt than the Jeff's original rub. Knowing this, you'll want to be a little less generous when using it.

As with most rubs, the thicker the meat, the more you can use.

Jeff's Texas style rub also works great as a dry brine on steaks, chops, even ribs.

To dry brine most meats, sprinkle about ¾ to 1 tsp of Jeff's Texas style rub per pound of meat. Place it in the fridge for 2 hours before you want to cook it.

Without getting too technical, the salt in the rub will draw juices from the meat out to the surface where it will mix with the rub. Then, that salty liquid, now flavored with the other ingredients from the rub, will absorb back into the meat making the meat more flavorful, tender and moist.

After the two hours in the fridge, do not rinse but cook as usual and you will taste the amazing difference.

Jeff's Texas style rub also works great as a table seasoning for vegetables, meats, almost anything that needs a little salt and/or flavor boost.

Note: even though it is called "rub" there is no need to actually rub it, pat it, massage it in, etc.. simply sprinkling it on is perfectly adequate.

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Charles S.
United States

Texas-Style Rub

What can I say - Damn good!

Leonard L.
United States

Good Rub

I used this rub and it does a good job. It makes smoking easier. I will continue to use Jef’s products.

Chris B.
United States

Texas style rub

This rub is the best I have ever tried used it on a Brisket it turned out awesome

Janice Y.

Jeffs Rub

Love it.

William R.

Rub It In

I found this to a very favorful rub and should if possible by applied 4 hour in advance of grilling. The flavor really comes our while eating the left overs!