Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)
Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)

Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles)

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Hey folks! This is Jeff with and this original rub is my absolute pride and joy. I worked on it for months getting everything just right and, in my opinion, it’s the best thing you can do for your barbecue or almost any meat for that matter regardless of how you plan to cook it.

My original rub is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy without being too salty, too spicy or too sweet and comes in a generous 5.4 oz bottle with an opening for spooning it out and one for shaking it on.

It’s great on anything you cook in the oven or smoker including pork, beef, chicken, lamb and even fish and seafood (my kids even use it on popcorn).

Also, it’s gluten-free and has no MSG, fillers, artificial colors or anything like that.. I just won’t have it and I knew you would really appreciate that as well.

I don’t know if I got lucky or I’m really a true scientist but this stuff is a well-balanced masterpiece and everyone who tries it, absolutely loves it.

Bottom line, If you’re ready to take your outdoor cooking up several notches, you just have to try this stuff right away.

I have people emailing me all the time saying that they could kick themselves for not trying it sooner. 

Disclaimer: I don’t condone kicking, even if it is your own self!

Click that “Buy Now” button to purchase and we’ll have it to you in “two shakes of a sheep’s tail” as my grandma used to say which is just another way to say, “really fast” ;-)

If you have any further questions about this, please shoot the team an email at or you can email me directly at

I look forward to your cooking success!


"Anything this guy makes is awesome, I’m a member of his site. I usually make the rub up, got lazy when I saw it prepackaged. Good stuff!!" -Jerry Moon

"Like the idea that I don’t have to make the rub.....I used the rub on was great as usual!" -Jeanine

"Jeff's original rub is amazing! One of the best available." -dh

"Great rub. Used in meatloaf." -Michael W. Johnston

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Happiness Guarantee

We want HAPPY customers! :) 

Please let us know if you have any issues with your order, and we will do our best to resolve the problem or refund your purchase. Contact the team at

If you receive an unsatisfactory or damaged product, let us know and we will ship out a replacement or issue an immediate refund.

How to Use the Original Rub

I highly recommend that you sprinkle Jeff's original rub onto the meat after applying a wet, sticky base to the meat. I like to use mustard but some folks use mayonnaise, Worcestershire, honey, molasses, and almost anything else you can think of. Just a thin coat of the base is usually enough but don't be afraid to add plenty.

When you add the rub to the meat, liquids from the base and the surface of the meat mix with the rub and, after just a few minutes, you'll notice that it starts to have a "wet look". That's how you know it's ready to flip over and do the other side (if you want) or place in the smoker.

If you want to speed up this process, place some Worcestershire, juice, beer, etc. in a spray bottle and spray the rub liberally once it's been applied to the meat. Make sure the spray doesn't come out so strong that it washes the rub off the meat.

How much of the original rub to use is subjective but I like to add enough so that I can just barely see the color of the meat through the rub. As a general rule, on thicker meats, add a little more, on thinner meats add a little less. Once you use it and see how it works, you can adjust your usage based on your own taste.

Note: even though it is called "rub" there is no need to actually rub it, pat it, massage it in, etc.. simply sprinkling it on is perfectly adequate.

Also see my blog post on "How to Use the Original Rub"

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Robert M.
United States United States

Love the product, disliked the packaging. It could use a little more bubble wrap, as the plastic cap was shattered when I opened the package and some of the rub was strewn about. Ah well. I can't wait to use it, so the container won't be needed for long anyway.

John R.
United States United States
This stuff is the real deal.

Wow. Have now used multiple times on chicken, filets, pork tenderloin, meatloaf, pork chops. Produces outstanding smoked meats. While I bought the recipe to see what was in it, I just keep buying it packaged for the convenience. Thanks Jeff!

Thin Blue Foods Jeff’s Original Rub (Single bottles) Review
Brian S.
United States United States
Original season

Always fast and love the seasoning

David S.
United States United States
Awesome Rub

I have used this now for about 5 years and it's my go to rub, love it!

John R.
United States United States
Wow. Just wow.

I have tried dozens of rubs but this one is the real deal. I don’t know a rub can make that much difference, but it can. Used on spatchcock chicken last night. Best ever. Thanks, Jeff.