Half and Half Rub Case (12 Original and 12 Texas Style)

Half and Half Rub Case (12 Original and 12 Texas Style)

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This is a full case of rubs containing 12 bottles of the original rub and 12 bottles of the Texas style rub. (24 bottles total)

Jeff's Original Rub

This rub was the first one that Jeff created and while it was designed to put an amazingly flavorful bark on ribs, it is also crazy good on chicken, beef and all other pork as well. Low on salt, big on flavor and creates bark on your meat like you ain't never seen before! According to customers, it's even good on popcorn and ice cream! 

Texas Style Rub

In Texas they do things differently and it usually does not include sugary barbecue. Savory, peppery and perfect on briskets, burgers, steaks, vegetables and anywhere else you want to add some flavor. Just enough salt to bring out the natural flavor of the meat without it being too much. Texas loved and approved!

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